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日英ワークキャンプ 日記 8/19

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【Alec Merriman】 Today was a good day, we played sports in the morning which was relaxing. We then made pumps which was fun and the party was very good and enjoyable.
【Claire Winder】 We played dodge ball and volleyball in the morning today. We then relaxed for a while which was good. In the afternoon we made bamboo pumps and then had a BBQ party which I enjoyed a lot.
【平山徹】 今日はスポーツを通して前日よりも親しくなれたような気がします。まだまだ英語は聞き取ることは難しいですが、なんとか慣れていきたい。
【吉永桃子】 水鉄砲で遊んだり、箸を作ったりなど、めずらしいことがたくさんできてとても楽しかった。地元の人との交流も有意義でした。
【Matthew Beers】 Very enjoyable day to day. Made our own chopsticks and played some sports. Had a lovely BBQ then met people which was great.
【Osian Frobisher】 It was a very good day and I enjoyed it very much. Although the rain prevented us from work in the forest we had an equally good time playing sports in the center. Later on we made bamboo pumps and the had a very nice BBQ in the evening.
【川口麻希】 朝は寝坊してしまって、用意された朝食を食べたので、午後は反省して片付けなどを進んで行ったのですが、日本人で固まってしまう傾向が…全員で気づいて全員で片付けできるといいと思いました。
【Robert Jenkins】 A very enjoyable day to day, we made water pumps out of bamboo and chopsticks. We then went to a BBQ where we talked about our countries.
【Jason Young】 Today was great. Therain stopped us working so we played sports and made water pumps. Then had a water fight. After we had an awesome BBQ and a party where we met all the locals.
【笹井瑶】 水鉄砲が楽しかった。久しぶりに作ったので、余計に楽しかったです。日本の伝統文化に触れることができた感じでした。夜にしたバーベキューが地元の人と関わることが出来て思い出に残った。そこでのご飯がとてもおいしかった!!